My portfolio contains information on all aspects of my career and shares my vision of how a course should be managed. The work of a superintendent is usually defined by how his or her course is viewed and played. This website allows you to virtually share in what I have seen during my years on the course. Click on 'Experience' above in the links to begin.


My philosophy is to provide an enjoyable course while maintaining
strict standards for conditioning and playability

My agronomic principles focus on aggressive cultural practices with a preventative chemical strategy to ensure the golf course is being managed at an environmentally efficient level. I strongly believe in being environmentally focused, doing everything possible culturally and using curative chemicals as a last resort.


The course should be visually appealing while playing at a fun level to the membership. The course should be able to respond and adapt when we would like to push it to increase green speeds for a specific amount of time or keep it aesthetically pleasing for everyday play. Conditions should play consistent whether it be a true ball roll on green surfaces or a proper lie on a fairway. Firmness of manageable surfaces should be able to be controlled given environmental conditions or member expectations.


My management style is based around a strong team environment in order to exceed the expectations of the membership and guests

I believe being the leader of the golf course maintenance department should be focused on high standards of professionalism and integrity.  There must be a strong circle of safety established for my staff based on honesty and trustworthiness not just with me but between each and every employee. Demonstrating authentic leadership where everyone should be willing to lend a hand and look out for one another everyday they come into work.  No job task is below anyone--including myself--to show that we are all in this together.  Reliability with not just mine but every other department to persevere and drive the success of the club.  This starts at the top and I must be the example that drives this forward.   I think this increases morale and productivity which will in turn offer a better experience to the member.

• Demonstrated environmental stewardship, work within budgetary limits while still delivering optimum,

   tournament quality conditions everyday

• Increase member satisfaction through execution of construction and renovation projects using well-honed
   detail-driven management, while seeking out ways to maximize efficiency and produce savings through reduced
   labor and input costs

• Cultivate staff through solid leadership ability, adept motivation, and training skills while inspiring crew members

   by setting a positive work ethic and attitude


Watch a video of daily course prep and conditions
provided during my tenure at Nantucket Golf Club