The ability to manage golf course improvement projects is an important role for a superintendent. The golf course is an evolving environmental work of art and requires constant review and adjustment to maintain championship caliber conditions, as well as maintaining strategic options originally envisioned by the architect.


I have had the opportunity to be associated with several large renovations, and many smaller in-house projects. My diverse and expansive experience in course construction gives me the confidence required to lead a club through any project they wish to complete successfully.



Some of my featured projects include:


Complete Golf Course Renovation Master Plan

Direct supervision and execution of over $5 million master plan. Golf course renovation including but not limited to new greens, green expansions, tees, fairway and approach expansions, bunkers, native areas, drainage, and new Rainbird irrigation. Work closely with the Board of Directors, Greens Committee, General Manager, Architect, Contractors, and Vendors to facilitate and accomplish the goals of the membership and club.


Tree Removal Program of over 1,000 Non-native Red Pines

Annual effort to suppress the spread of Southern pine and Black turpentine beetle infestation. Non-native red pines are highly susceptible to fungal and beetle infection. Scout and monitor all red pine trees throughout the year removing infected pines each winter to kill the brood. Upon removal promoted growth of native island pitch pine, scrub oak, and grasses.


Erosion Control of over 1,000 linear feet of Coastline

Collaborated closely with General Manager and local ecological experts to reclaim and protect over 1,000 linear feet of eroded coastline. Met with local and federal agencies during permitting process. Achieved approval for the installation of a fiber roll with cobble reinforced marsh system.


Pump Station Upgrade

Determined proper allocation of water to meet turf needs and expectations for golf course conditions. Existing wells inspected and serviced. Upgraded all equipment to pump 800 GPM. Installation of two 40 HP US motors, internal and external piping, three ABB drives, PLC controllers, and Accuflo cloud view software. Project critical for success of golf course renovation.


Installation of Pond Aeration Systems

Collaborated closely with designers to determine layout and proper frequency of pond profile turnover. Necessary power brought to all ponds with one system using solar power. Restored proper oxygen content in ponds to eliminate seasonal algae blooms and enhance native aquatic plant and animal life.


Turfgrass Nursery Reconstruction

Nursery stripped of old turf and material. Pests and weeds eradicated before installation of USGA greens mix to ensure optimal drainage and identical performance of existing greens on golf course. Surfaces leveled and installed with greens height A1-A4 bentgrass sod.


Bunker Reconstruction

Sand removal screened and cleaned of particle contamination. Removal of old liner for installation of Better Billy Bunker Liner. Some Bunkers reshaped with the addition of new drainage. Sand installed, distributed to proper depths, and compacted on bottoms and faces.

Installation of irrigation zones including pop-up and rotor heads around high face greenside bunkers. Irrigation provided healthier turf stand on severe slopes and more consistent bunker faces to reduce plugged and unfavorable lies.


Installation of 20 A-4 Bentgrass Tee Boxes

18 newly installed and 2 expanded existing tee boxes. New Sand/Loam mix added to ensure optimal drainage and airflow within soil. Surfaces leveled and sloped to 1 degree for surface runoff. Each tee accompanied with 2-inch solenoid valve and poly pipe to 4-8 Hunter I-20 series spray heads. A-4 Bentgrass Sod installed on Tee top with Kentucky Bluegrass sod for Tee surrounds.


Renovation and Installation of over 2 miles of Walking Paths

Walking paths stripped of existing turf. Graded soil on paths to provide smoother surfaces and less severe slopes. Installation of 12,000 linear feet of irrigation including each path having 2-inch brass valve with poly pipe and TORO 590 GF series spray heads every 7 feet. New Kentucky Bluegrass Sod installed.


Renovation and Reconstruction of Practice Facility and Driving Range

Deconstruction of existing lesson tee boxes. Expanded and constructed new tee boxes to accommodate more members and quantity of lessons at one time. Installed new irrigation into existing mainlines with PVC laterals and TORO Infinity 35 series rotors. Sodded with short cut bluegrass on tee and Blue/Fescue mix sod installed on tee surround. Designed and shaped 7 Target Greens to blend with existing contours of landscape. Ensured each green was viewable for membership from Practice Tee. Installation of solenoid valve at each Target Green to control 9 Hunter I-20 series spray heads. New short cut Kentucky Bluegrass installed for Target Green surface with Blue/Fescue mix sod installed for the green surround.


Reconstruction of Clubhouse Backlawn

Clubhouse Backlawn redesigned and shaped to accommodate new Sunset Porch and flat area for events.  Sand/Loam mix added to flat area and leveled. New irrigation installed to entire backlawn with 5 stations and 30 Hunter I-20 series spray heads. Short-cut Kentucky Bluegrass sod installed on flat area with Blue/Fescue Mix for rest of the backlawn.